VIP Services

Kyklos Travel SA has the knowledge and experience to provide the proper services to VIP customers requesting an exclusive and luxury treatment. We also have the best multi-lingual guides available who can offer guide services of the highest quality as well as assistants who are always available for any requirements.

Luxury Cars

We have a fleet of luxury cars with chauffeurs that are at your disposal for any necessary transportation in Athens or to the Greek islands.
We offer luxury car rental, where you have the freedom of transport along with the experience of driving a luxury car strolling by Greece.

Helicopter and Jet charters

We can offer helicopter and private jet charters that can give easy access to the most difficult points to reach, such as islands and resorts destinations, making a fast and high standard travel according to each customer’s specification.

Luxury Hotels

We have contracts and cooperation with the best Luxury Hotels in Greece were you can relax at the best places within the country.

Sailing and Motor Yachts

Famous for its intense blue of the sea and over 1500 islands, Greece is the ideal place to discover through a Sailboat or yacht.
Beside of being able to visit the beaches and the most eccentric and “individual” seashores, renting a yacht gives you the power of individuality to trace your own course and navigate from island to island staying in luxurious cabins with the comfort and privacy of a luxury yacht or sailboat.
We have a wide choice of yachts and sailboats for rent, with multi-lingual hostess , captains with extensive experience and all requirements to enjoy an incredible navigation by the unique seas that Greece has to offer.